Our Menu at €55 including tax per person

Our Menu at €55 including tax per person


To get drunk…


A Glass of Rosé, Red or White Wine (12 Cl)

AOC Côtes de Provence – Domaine Navicelle (Le Pradet) - Cuvée à Flot Bio

The eco-responsible choice of Auberge Sainte Marguerite


To start…


The Traditional Pissaladière Niçoise


Stracciatella from Puglia, Market Tomatoes and Homemade Pesto


The Provençal Anchoiade

Market and Seasonal Vegetables, Anchovies, Hard-Boiled Eggs


Bresaola Carpaccio (IGP)

Dried Meat, Homemade Pesto, Arugula and Parmesan Tuile


To taste…


Vegetarian Gnocchi with Pesto


Beef Skewer (300 Grs), Homemade Tartare Sauce, Gourmet Quinoa


Captain Haddock's Plate

Smoked Haddock, Steamed Apples, Poached Egg, Caper Flower and Dill Cream


Veal with Olives and Figatelli, Corsican Style, Grandmother's Polenta


Sea bream from Tamaris Bay (La Seyne sur Mer) – Around 300 Grs

Saffron Ointment, Baked Apples and Provençal Tomato


Suggestion of the Day


To finish…


Fresh Fruit Panacotta


Chocolate Moelleux, Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream


Tarte Tatin, Whipped Cream with Mascarpone

Ice Cream Cup according to Meur du Chef (Sorbet, Fruits, Whipped Cream)


Fresh Goat Cheese in Oil, Market Salad