Drinks Menu

Our Aperitifs


Ricard, Pastis 51, Pastis Henri Bardouin (2 Cl) €5

Suze, Martini, Lillet, Campari, Muscat, Porto (4 Cl) €5

Prosecco Cup (10 Cl)€6

Kir Cassis, Chambord, Napoleon Mandarin, Peach or Blackberry (10 Cl) €6

Glass of Brut Champagne (10 cl) €8

Kir Royal Cassis, Chambord, Napoleon Mandarin, Peach or Blackberry (10 cl) €8

Americano or Negroni €8


Our ""Favorite"" Aperitif


° ""San Peyre"" cocktail€12

Lure Gentian, Strawberry Cream, Lemon Juice, Schweppes Tonic


° ""Saint Jean"" cocktail €12

Saint John Nuts, Ginger Ale, Lemon Juice



Our Spritzes


Aperol, Chambord, Italicus, Limoncello or Napoleon Mandarine €8


Our Beer

Moretti Blonde Draft Beer 25 cl €4.90

Our Whiskey (4 cl)


Clan Campbell (Scotland), Jack Daniel (United States – Bourbon) €5.90

Sexton (Ireland), Toki (Japan), Cardhu (Scotland – 12 Years), Aberlour (Scotland – 12 Years)€7.90


Distillery and Domaine de Provence, from Forcalquier (4 Cl)


Sweet, Half Pear, Half Cognac Liqueur€6

Farigoule de Forcalquier, Thyme Liqueur €6.50

Genepi, Liqueur of the Alps€6.50

Marc Cordelier €7



Our Old Rums (4 Cl)


Governor XO 10 Years (Saint Martin), Santa Teresa (Venezuela), Mount Gay XO (Barbados), Eminente 7 Years (Cuba) €7.50


Our Softs


Coca Cola, Coca Zero (33 Cl), Orangina, Schweppes, Ice Tea (25 cl)€4.90

Granini Organic Orange, Tomatoes, Apricot, ACE (25 cl) €5.50



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